Project planning & rolling forecast

ProjecTrack - provides insight after an update

Every schedule should be update at least once every 2 weeks. The adjustments of a schedule should be analysed in order to understand the new critical path and provide the team members with the correct prioritization of their activities. As ProjecTrack also monitors activities which were expected to start or finish, it also has a Quality Check function.

Start KPI


Within pharma CROs & CMOs are frequently used. A common schedule-update is providing the sponsor with a new version of the MSProject schedule. It is very time-consuming for the project manager to distuingish the differences. Within ProjecTrack the old and updated schedule are compared and all differences are shown.

Items which are analysed

Within ProjecTrack the following items are analyzed:

  • total activities of both projects
  • activities which have a delayed start/finish or are not updated (example on this page - click on it to enlarge)
  • shifted milestones
  • activities with a deadline which is rescheduled
  • activities which have a shifted finish date
  • activities that are deleted
  • activities that are inserted
  • activities that are renamed

A summary page provides information with the KPI and the total number of each item. The items are organized seperately with detailed information and organized on the same WBS as the MSProject that is used.