Project planning & rolling forecast

ProjectView - saves time & provides oversight

Most people like to have an overview of all not finished activities. This raises a few issues: activities wich should start/finish soon are mixed with running activities and with activities with later start/finish dates. Sometimes even with activities for other team members.
This makes it hard to identify the activities that are important to you. ProjectView is the solution: it identifies activities which need immediate intention (red) from the ones which are comping up soon (blue). All the other activities (already running or planned in the future) will remain black colored.

Red activities

ProjectView indicates activities which should be updated in red. Activities with an actual start remain black.

Blue activities

Activities that start or finish within one month are blue.

Customized overview

Customization is possible in color or filtering. For example if you would like to have all activitiies which start within two months become red or you would like an extra color for activities which were changed during last update cycle. One customization for a bundle of 20 reports is free of extra charges. An extra adaptation during the running time of the bundle will have some additional charge.

Video presentation

ProjectView Youtube

We create a layout in your MSProject and provide you with the planning and a PDF-overview.